Branding and Launching Sero Seed

In my little town of Cottage Grove, Oregon, we have one of the most respected seed companies in the country, Territorial Seed. With a small population, there’s a good chance—at some point—you’ll run into everyone else who lives here. This is how I met Tom Johns, owner (with his wife, Julie) of Territorial Seed. Tom saw some of my poster work for our community theater and asked me to create a logo and package design for a new product, Sero Biodynamic Seed.

Biodynamic is a practice of cultivation that makes the farm a very localized ecosystem, where the farm’s material needs (soil amendments, food production, livestock) are supplied by the farm itself. Developed in 1920s, the practice has been gaining popularity in Europe and now in the States.

Whole Foods approached Tom and the company, interested in carrying biodynamic seed in their stores. This was a shift from Territorial’s usual outlets and the company wanted a brand for Sero that would fit into the contemporary and earthy feel of Whole Foods. As well, the look of the packaging had to evoke the scientific side of Biodynamic to balance, admittedly, the “celestial” aspects of the practice. Truth is, to create and run a biodynamic farm takes a lot of smarts and experience. So the brand needed to feel strong and confident. We incorporated the same themes into their site, making a consistent experience for the customer as she discovers the seeds in the store and checks her phone, tablet, or desktop to learn more.

As the Sero grows, so will their site. While launching with single long-form page and store finder, we used a CMS that will easily allow expansion down the road as the product finds it way into more and more gardens.

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Sero Seed Logo
Sero Seed logo
Sero Seed Packaging
Package design
Sero Seed Site
The top section of Sero’s responsive site.
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