Site Launch:

The brand new!
Brand, spanking new and responsified!

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of!
(Full disclosure—she’s Lance’s sister.)

We built Heather’s original site back in 2010 and the web has undergone a few changes since then. It wasn’t only in need of a facelift, but also a responsive overhaul. After reviewing her analytics, half of her traffic was on mobile.

The brand new!
Heather’s old site. No good worky on mobile.

We moved Heather’s site from Drupal to Statamic. This is our first official project with Statamic and, we have to say, it was a real pleasure to build and theme with. As she’s the only one administering her site, the lightweight CMS was a perfect match and the flexible fieldsets made building the one-off pages a breeze.

We used her site as test-case to try out some different CMSs, including Statamic, Locomotive, and Craft CMS. We’ll be doing a thorough case study shortly, comparing what we liked and didn’t like about each system. Keep your eye out for that. In the mean time…

Take a look:!
And if you buy a house, tell us so we get our referral fee. :)

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