Introducing Stag: A Command Line Interface for Statamic

Stag: A Statamic CLI

I spend a lot of time on the command line. I also have been spending a substantial amount of time with Statamic. And these two don’t know each other well.

There are some tasks throughout the development process that are a little more manual than I’d like them to be. Specifically deploying, pulling content and clearing cache.

Having to constantly remove the contents of the _cache directory after every deployment, or FTP-ing down the content files from the server can become annoying. So I wrote a CLI called stag to handle these tasks for me.

Currently stag is able to:

  • Deploy your code to a server (via git, rsync or ftp)
  • Pull your content down from a server (via git, rsync or ftp)
  • Clear your site cache – locally or remotely
  • Set file permissions – locally or remotely

But this is just the beginning. I think it’d be nice if it could install add-ons, help generate fieldsets, and really anything else one regularly does in Statamic. And I’m open to ideas. :)

It is in beta and in need of testers. So if you’re comfortable on the command line and are working with Statamic, download it and give it a shot. It’s waiting for ya.

Stag on Github has all the nitty gritty details for getting started.

Happy Stag'n!

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