Rethinking a local pub website:

The brand new!
A whole new look for the Axe and Fiddle, for the desktops to mobile.

The Axe and Fiddle is one of those small-town wonders. A beautiful space, excellent food, and maybe the finest, intimate venue in Oregon—at least central Oregon. It’s the kind of place that would stand out in a large city, let alone a town of 9,000 people.

With so many quality acts coming through, for the redesign we wanted to showcase the artists more than the previous site. And, of course, the site needed to be responsive for those checking their phones to see who was playing that night. Like everyone else, the Axe’s mobile traffic has surged over the last couple years.

We built the site using our favorite new CMS, Statamic, which makes coding and theming the site actually fun and interesting. As the new site is responsive, so is Statamic’s admin. This means staff can add new bookings right on their phone, while sitting in the bar, drinking a local brew, talking to locals. Pretty sweet.

The brand new!
We created new icons to match their monthly, special events.

The pub is housed in one of the oldest buildings downtown and its doug fir floors and exposed brick are a big part of its charm and character. There was a challenge to bring those natural elements into a modern site, trying not to lean on complicated images that wouldn’t scale well and add file size and slower download times. We think we got a nice blend of earthiness and modernity, keeping the palette warm and inviting and the content scalable and easy-to-read.

Updated Axe and Fiddle logo
We gave their logo a new spin too.

Check out the new site and if you happen to be in Cottage Grove, stop by the Axe (and let me know; I proudly live here.)


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