Love the System

I am a rather goal focused individual. I would imagine a lot of us are. This look familiar?

  • Set goal
  • Complete (or subsequently, don’t)
  • Reflect
  • Rinse and repeat

I’ve been trained this way since kindergarten. It’s stuck with me. It’s treated me well.

But I recently happened across this article, which aims to shake that whole paradigm up. I’d recommend giving that a read, but for the sake of continuity here, the distilled points are to ditch goals and focus on the system. This got me thinking and I’ve decided to shift things around to give it a shot. Trust the system. Love the system.

I usually set some fairly broad and general goals at the beginning of every year. This year’s this list includes:

  • Blog more
  • Share more
  • Learn a new technology

This is all well and good, but as the weeks blow by like sneezes, a few months are gone and I haven’t done anything about any of them. The goals linger in the back of my brain and fester. Untouched. Uncompleted.

So instead of waiting for the day that these goals come to fruition (either through a burst of inspiration or magic), I’m putting a system in place to ensure their completion is inevitable.

What does that look like? A small list of daily actionable items.

  • Share something socially once a day
  • Write for 30 minutes a day
  • Read a “something” (a chapter, magazine or one of the many articles in my Readability list)
  • Write down one idea a day

There’s nothing mind blowing in this list. But each one of these tasks are easily attainable every day. And that’s the key.

My focus for this system is to gain and sustain momentum. Get into a rhythm, a groove if you will. I have no expectations for any of these items other than to just do them and trust in the process. Any content I’m creating might never see the light of day. The stuff I’m reading might not have any tangible value. But I’m hoping before I know it, I’ll be full speed ahead and chugging along just nicely.

Goals will not only be completed, but obliterated. Lives transformed. Worlds will be changed. Or I’ll just have a stack of books and a mess of text…

Either way, I’ll report back in a few months and let you know how it goes. ;)

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