My Productivity Sauce

We tend to get busy around these parts. Our weeks get booked up and we get to work. It’s very easy for me to get immersed in a project on Monday, look up and the week is over already. But, being a small consultancy, we’ve got to keep the business going & growing. It’s imperative to stay on top of networking, leads, proposals, follow-ups and the like. I’ve also got a plateful of stuff I want to read, learn, and write.

“It’s already Friday?! I’ll get started on this stuff early next week and get a solid week in on it.” That’s the thought. The intention is good. But the week blows by and these items are neglected… again.

I asked around: How do you find the time to make it all happen? I was hoping for some magical answer or at the very least, an iPhone app, but no, you just gotta make it happen. That being said though, I have discovered a recipe that has been working for me here recently.

Write it Down

This is the easiest and most basic ingredient. If it’s in your noggin, there’s nothing to hold on to or plan for. It’s just another thought floating around that is easily forgotten or shuffled into the someday section of my brain. It will never get done.

Once I write it down, I can do something with it. Whether it’s a Post-it, Trello card, or Evernote, there’s no guarantee it’s going to get done, but I now have to do something with it.

Get Specific

So let’s say I’ve got blog more written down on a Post-it note. That’s cute, but it doesn’t really mean anything. What does that look like when it’s completed? What are the steps to make that happen?

What does blog more mean to me? It means I’d like to publish a post once a week. And how is that going to get done? Well I think writing, editing, and revising posts for 30 minutes a day should get it. Great! I now have something specific that I can do daily in order to make that happen.

I even setup a dates in my calendar to see a timeline of getting a new post out on Wednesday. This gives me a sense progress and status.

I’ll never blog more, but I will write for 30 minutes a day.

Tell People

Nothing keeps me accountable like telling people what it is I plan to do. It not only confirms it to myself, but I know I’ll need to report back to that person at some point on the success or failure of said task. Tell friends, family, co-workers: anyone that will care.

Luckily, I’ve got a good group of dudes I work with that I can express these things to and asses what worked (or didn’t) during our Friday reviews.

I’ve also recently joined a Mastermind–a group of peers in my industry I meet with weekly. We talk rather candidly about our businesses and part of our discussion focuses on little goals we set and follow-up on. This has not only been valuable in keeping me accountable, but has pushed me to do more.

This little recipe has really helped me to grab a hold of my weeks and get things done. So write it down, get specific and tell everyone you know because Friday is almost here and this week ain’t getting away this time!

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