SoCal Meetup Review: September 2013

I like to hit a handful of Meetups every month. Here’s a quick run down of my favorites for September.


As a lover of Ruby, I’ve been a regular of this Meetup for most of 2013. They tend change the venue around to cater to all local Rubyists and this month’s was at the Tustin Brewing Co. ReachLocal sponsored the event which means free food & beer (!) and talks from their guys.

Brian Miller gave a talk on Vagrant. Vagrant is a Ruby gem that allows you to specify work environments with config files that make it super easy to share.

He ran through setting it up and using it. Sounds like they use it pretty heavily at ReachLocal and allows them to get new machines setup quickly. Straight forward. Informative.

Andrew De Ponte gave a very entertaining talk on a set of tools that he’s been working on. The whole talk was built around a Superman & Batman metaphor. It went a little something like this:

Superman sucks as he’s an alien and has super powers. We as developers have no chance of being Superman. Batman, however, kicks ass because he’s got tools. TONS of tools. We, as developers, need to be Batman.

It got quite a few good laughs out of the crowd. A couple of beers and a bucket of F-bombs later, he ran through each of the projects:

  • Get tmux’n with other developers quickly.
  • Snap Dragon rspec like cli tool for running javascript test files.
  • pra - Pull request manager on the command line.

Very cool tools. Very Batman-like indeed.

Fullerton Tech Beer

This was my first time at this Meetup. But any excuse to get up to Fullerton and grab a little shawarma at Les Amis works for me.

This was a super casual mixer Meetup. There was no central talk but a loosely run foosball tournament, a bunch of tech folk drinking beers and a mess of good conversation. A nice way to end the month and start the weekend. I’ll get to this one again.

That’s it for September, but October’s just getting started. So, if you see me out & about, give a shout!

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