We turned their website from an issue into an indispensable asset.

You guys just really seemed to get it. I can’t even begin to tell you how huge that is. You heard our needs, understood our vision, and integrated all of that into our new, beautiful website..
Ariana CollierHead of Marketing The Center for Living Peace

The Center for Living Peace, found at, began in 2010 and has blossomed into dynamic organization. From hosting speakers like the Dalai Lama and Jane Goodall to offering yoga and cooking classes for adults and kids, the Center looks for simple ways to effect change locally and globally.

While the Center was growing with more events, classes, and participants, sadly their original website was not helping, and in fact hurting their growth because of broken features, confusing navigation and organization, and class registration that barely worked. They reached out to us to see if we could help fix the original site into something manageable. But after looking through the site’s codebase and, honestly, the poor development decisions made in the initial build, we showed them they were much better off—in cost and usability—to rebuild from the ground up. They agreed.

So we set off to build a modern, responsive website that the staff could easily update, would better show variety of the Center’s offerings, and find a solid solution to the class registration issue.

Crafting a plan for a successful site.

We began with Roadmapping, our short and intensive planning phase where we create a thorough map of their user types, measurable goals, features, content flow and UX, and finding third-party help where needed. It was eye-opening for their team to think about the site from a high-level and helped tremendously in re-crafting their online message.

Event Registration using EventBrite

Classes and events are huge part of the Center’s mission. With their original site, most of their participants weren’t able to book themselves online (it just didn’t work), and would have to call to reserve a spot. This was totally unacceptable and needed to be fixed. After much planning and consulting with different third-party event vendors, we decided EventBrite was the best fit. We wrote a custom add-on for Statamic that connects to the EventBrite API, seamlessly integrating their events into the website. We then used BackBone.js to build a calendar interface that was fast and easy to use across all devices. They are very happy with the solution.

The Distinctive Look of

The Center brought with them a distinctive look and a large palette of bright and cheery colors. The original site was very heavy on pink, so much so we felt it wasn’t communicating to the range of people (men, women, students, kids) that use the Center. We chose to go with clean whites and grays, using their exuberant palette for highlighting and accenting content. There’s a lot of fun and whimsy at many of their events—a balance to the challenging issues discussed at their Living Peace Series—and we wanted to incorporate that playfulness into the site. As well, the design and layout needed to respond to different screen sizes and still look great. This meant ample spacing between content and keeping focus on the text and images.

A new year and a new site

The Center was very excited about launching their new site the beginning of the year. With almost of half of their site visitors using phones or small screens, the Center can now reach a much wider audience with the responsive design. Their staff was very happy to have easy administration of content, letting them keep their site fresh and classes updated. Now they have a tool that can grow with them as their organization does its best, in their little corner of Orange County, CA, to bring a bit of peace to the world.

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