We built a site that helped spread the facts about real threats to women’s reproductive health.

It was one of the most pleasant web builds I've been a part of. We felt like it was a true partnership and always knew what was coming next.
Lauren Balog WrightVice President, Digital WEBER SHANDWICK

In the last few years, basic reproductive health decisions have come under attack like never before, bringing women’s health to the forefront of the political debate. To ensure women had a voice and a stake in the ongoing dialogue, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), with agency Weber Shandwick, created This Is Personal, an integrated digital campaign aimed at equipping young women ages 18 to 35 with the facts and tools they need to mobilize against real threats to their reproductive health.

Phase 1

Design and build of

In the summer of 2012, project lead Lauren Balog Wright of Weber Shandwick contacted us to see if we could help them build out the website for This is Personal. They had a strict timeline to coincide with elections, and a fairly set budget. We were happy to accept the challenge.

Much of the UX work had already been done in-house at Weber Shandwick, so our goal was to determine what was possible within the timeline and budget, bring it to life, and create a design that matched the look and feel of the rest of the campaign.

We successfully launched after five fast-paced weeks of development. Within a month, the site had over 250,000 likes on Facebook.

Phase 2

Building a first-of-its-kind tool with Facebook

Towards the end of 2013, Lauren approached us again about helping Weber Shandwick and the NWLC build out a new phase of the project. They wanted an interactive tool to help people share issues effecting their home states or their friends’ home states.

Users would log into their Facebook account to see a list of their friends who live in each of the states with issues. They could post a message to any of these friends, inviting them to visit and take action. It was a great idea to mobilize state residents who were on the front-line of the issues and faced the greatest impact.

We joined the team at Weber Shandwick as their development partner and helped organize an iterative, agile workflow. We met on Fridays—over Google hangouts—with their Washington DC team to make a plan for the following week. Throughout the project, we used Trello to collaborate and communicate as we built and refined features.

The project took just shy of six full weeks and it launched in late February 2014.

What resulted is a fully client-side embedded Javascript application using the Backbone.js framework. It talks directly to Facebook using the Facebook Javascript API, and was recognized by Facebook as a first of its kind.

See the State Action Center in action:

TxT were always thinking about the ultimate goal of the project and what will make it most innovative/successful — not just what we asked for.
Julia MitchellDigital Analyst WEBER SHANDWICK

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